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Lissa Hattersley: listen

Love Is A Crime Scene

Talking In Your Sleep

Monkey in the Church

(Greezy Wheels w/guest Chris Duarte)
©C. Hattersley

Show Biz Kids

(Lissa Hattersley w/TripTrio)
Fagen/Becker; arranged by Mike Barnes

Live cut/no frills/Roadhouse Rags/March 30. Lissa, Mike Barnes, Brad Taylor, James Fenner

Flying Signs

(Greezy Wheels)
©C. Hattersley; arr. Greezy Wheels

Shake Down the Stars

Easy Reverie

(Lissa Hattersley)
December, 2009
Lissa Hattersley

Rumble at the Corner of Church and State

(Lissa Hattersley)
C. Hattersley

I Cry Myself to Sleep

(Greezy Wheels (Lissa singing lead))
Cleve Hattersley

Fugitive Animal

(Lissa Hattersley)
H. T. Young/J. Sublette//K. Wilson/

The Nightworker's Song (Blue Tme)

This Night (When Hope For Peace Was Born)

(Lissa Hattersley w/The Miracle Waters)
© 2009 J. Jordan, L. Hattersley

Tomorrow Never Knows

(Greezy Wheels)
October 1, 2001

Scotch & Soda

(Lissa Hattersley)
attributed to Dave Guard, but he has stated he didn't write it....

Up From the Skies

(Lissa Hattersley)
Jimi Hendrix!

Living For the City

(Trip Trio paying tribute to Stevie Wonder)
September 17, 2011
Stevie Wonder

Imperfect, but with great respect. Just because he's been my hero since "Fingertips."

White Fear in America

(Greezy Wheels)
© C. Hattersley; arr. Greezy Wheels

Nightworker's Song (Blue Time)

Shake Down the Stars

(Lissa Hattersley)