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Lissa Hattersley: friends

Greezy Wheels' web site
Music Advisor

This web site is new to me. Lots of good information here!

Mike Barnes

Mike Barnes is a guitar player I'd been listening to for a number of years, cause he was the GUY in Extreme Heat ... and before that, STEAM Heat. How lucky that we became reacquainted during a little political activism a year or four back! It gave me the opportunity to ask him if he would consider playing in a smaller outfit...with John Jordan and me in Trip Trio. Luckily, he said yes!

John Jordan discusses Xotic tone pedals

John Jordan doesn't have his own web site, frankly because he's far too busy with his real projects. He plays damn good bass (he's alumnus of both Trip Trio and Greezy Wheels and is on most of our CDs), writes/collaborates on arrangements and compositions, teaches bass, volunteers regularly for various worthy benefits, and works for the Texas Tribune. His musical history includes one of Austin's coolest bands, the Vanguards (he shared rhythm section duties with the beloved John "Mambo" Treanor) and many years on the road with Chris Duarte, also linked on this site. Best of all (for me), John is a great friend!

Barry Smith, aka Frosty Smith

Splendid drummer/percussionist! He warns: "Don't mistake a rut for a deep groove." I go to shows just to see/hear him play.

MoonHouse Studio
Chris Gage and Christine Albert''s sweet recording studio in the heart of South Austin
Chris Gage and Christine Albert

They perform as Albert & Gage. Wonderful couple, terrific individually. Christine sings like an angel, especially when she does her French chanteuse stuff. Chris is a multi-instrumentalist like no other. I went to him and their MoonHouse Studio (see link) when I wanted to record my CD. He played, he engineered, he co-produced! Christine is also a VIP in the Grammy organization and the founder of Swan Songs.

Layne Jackson

Chicago-based painter, musician, and friend. Layne is responsible for the lovely painting on the cover of the CD!

Tony Airoldi Music

Tony is someone I've known for way over half my life--he's a terrific guitar player, wonderful friend...and he wrote "Talking In Your Sleep," a gem of a song! Tony plays Austin in a few different formats--keep yer eye out for his shows!

David Roach

Roachie! A good friend, wonderful keyboard/piano player, and someone who's as close to being an audio genius as I could ever know. (Knowing not what would define "audio genius," I might as well just say he's a genius!) This link is to his company.

Chris Duarte

Chris is an astoundingly good guitar player...who used to live in Austin. I was honored to have Chris play on one cut, "Shake Down the Stars," which was originally on a Greezy Wheels CD (HipPop). We remastered it and put it on Vacation because it fits right in. If you have a chance to see Chris Duarte play live, you should go for it!

Marc Black

Marc wrote "Moonstruck Love" ..."Love Song for Rachel Maddow" ... and a whole bunch of other equally cool tunes. Marc's own new CD, Pictures of the Highway, just came out and is getting rave reviews and good airplay all over the country! Check him (and it) out and say hello for me!

Chris Mosley

Chris is a young guy with an old soul. And a really big talent! You can hear some samples of his wonderful guitar styling on his site.

Ned Sublette--interviewed on Bomb Site

Ned Sublette: composer, musician, author of books, lecturer, friend! He's written some great books...and some great songs. I recorded "Nightworker's Song (Blue Time)." He also wrote "Cowboys Are Frequently Secretly (Fond of Each Other)," which Willie Nelson recorded. And a host of both metal and salsa tunes. He's a well-rounded cat, he is....

Constance Ash
Terrific NYC-based author, editor, researcher, and good friend!
Seniors For a Democratic Society

Craig Hattersley's blog. A fine collection of pieces, some of which were written by the man himself. (Craig's my brother. Yet another brother who is smarter than I.)

Keeping the Public in Public Radio

All things concerning the current state of public radio. Has roused the interest of people all over the world! (Also brother Craig's.)

Ned Sublette on Wikipedia
Zhenya Rock's Facebook page

I first heard Zhenya (Kolykhanov) Rock on the radio and was so taken by his wild sounds that I quickly made it down to one of his shows. Was not disappointed! One of the original members of the Red Elvises, Zhenya (also known as Zee) moved to Austin and has been one of the busiest players around. Fabulous guitarist, balalaika player (balalaika-ist?), and now: accordionist!

Austin Humane Society
Utopia Animal Rescue Ranch
Doctors Without Borders
Turk Pipkin's Nobelity Project
Swan Songs

This is a terrific organization, started and headed by Christine Albert (she is a busy gal!). Their mission statement: "Swan Songs fulfills musical wishes at the end of life by organizing private concerts for individuals with a terminal illness. At their request, a favorite style of music or musician is brought directly to the home or facility. The concert allows patient, family and friends to focus beyond the illness and come together through the medium of music."  This makes perfect sense to me, as I've always considered music to be the language of love.