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(photo: Kathy Doyle)




TripTrio has a website
Go here for the latest and greatest:

The "where" page will have all our show dates

There is also a "music" page which links to a SoundCloud page which is actually the page I set up a while back--it has TripTrio tracks and tracks from my own musical past....




Elephant Room show. Photo ©KYarbrough Photography




There's a music player at the top of this page where several cuts from Greezy Wheels; from my solo CD, "How I Spent My Summer Vacation;" and from TripTrio can be heard.



Here's a blog piece from John Swenson about TripTrio at 2017's SXSW's a way to check out some of the music from TripTrio's CD, twenty. The whole CD takes about 20 minutes to hear. (A good way to soundtrack a short drive!)


@ sxsw by Kim Yarbrough

Playing SXSan Gabriel 2017 with TripTrio. Photo by Kim Yarbrough




Here's a Greezy Wheels video


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Greezy photo, by Kim Yarbrough:





From the Archive!


Sweet Liss and the Swells rides again! With Jon Paris, Larry Campbell, Carolyn Wonderland (and Lincoln Schleifer behind me, Denny McDermott, Cole El-Saleh, and John Korba out of the frame). NYC, August, 2015. The Lone Star Cafe Reunion I, at BB King's.



Plugging the show on Sirius Radio. Two shots by Jeremy Tepper, married together (look at Cleve in the middle!)



Yours truly with Bob "Daddy-O" Wade (creator of the famous rooftop Iguana), Mort Cooperman (the brain behind the Lone Star Café!), and Buddy Fox (long-time manager of the LSC, who flew in from Hawaii to be part of this)






Here's an old clip from Sweet Liss and the Swells. Click the link (band name) to hear a live cut (Willie and the Hand Jive) from the original Lone Star (13th St., NYC). Sweet memories!

An old jingle demo (four), produced in the mid-eighties. With some very talented participants: LINK HERE

There are some music samples at the top of this page (TripTrio live, cuts from my CD, cuts from Greezy Wheels.....)


aaaand here's another funny little video of Greezy Wheels.....